Religion Member Interest Group

Welcome to the Religion Member Interest Group (RMIG), a Member Interest Group (MIG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics!

We are so glad you have joined this dynamic group of leaders. We sincerely appreciate your support and enthusiasm. We have practitioners from diverse locations, areas of practice and educational backgrounds. RMIG is a new MIG that brings together members from the Jewish (JMIG) and Muslim (MIDAN) religious cultures.
RMIG Membership Benefits
  • A voice that advocates for religion and cultural topics, serving as a direct resource to the Academy Diversity Committee and internal teams.
  • Opportunity to connect with Jewish and Muslim peers as a sub-community on niche topics.
  • A RMIG website to help foster community and connect you with resources.
  • A connected, collaborative community with opportunities for FNCE® networking events, year-round communication and a member directory.
  • Access to educational and professional development through CPEU webinar trainings, educational toolkits and scholarships for lifelong learning on topics such as health disparities, religious traditions, dietary guidelines, cultural competencies, similarities and variances in observation, diets and meals, etc.
  • Opportunities for leadership development within the RMIG Executive Committee, through leadership development programs and scholarships.
  • Ongoing cultural enrichment both personally and professionally.
  • Cross-cultural advocacy within the Muslim and Jewish and dietetics communities.
  • RMIG Publications to advance cultural and professional education.
Bookmark the RMIG website https://RMIG.webauthor.com, so you can return with regularity and ease for resources and networking. You will log in using your same information as eatright.org (Academy member ID and password). We would encourage you to take part in the discussions, access resources and update your “My profile” in the upper right hand corner to add your photo, share your bio and change your email preferences. 
How can I get involved?
You can get involved and maximize your member benefits both informally and formally.  Informally, you can regularly participate in posting and discussions. Formally, we continually seek interested volunteers to help with activities and assignments.  If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to DPGMIGRelations@eatright.org indicating your interest.

This year we look forward to more exciting online discussions, networking at FNCE® in Washington D.C., expanding regional networks, and so many other opportunities to share and learn from each other.

RMIG Executive Committee